ESPN studios

Back in June of 2011, my friend had someone who worked at ESPN studios in Bristol Connecticut and got us on a list ot get a “special” behind the scenes tour. I had been a fan of ESPN going back to when I was in school in the 80’s so this was a real treat. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Steve’s friend was a graphic artist who could render images over live television to make the item move – like a goal post with the words “Gameday”.

This photo was as we were walking around the main studio building and had these real college football helmets hanging from the walls. Amazing!

This was Steve and I in front of the old ESPN news studio – right where the anchors gave the latest updates on NFL, NBA, and all sports! A few years ago they got rid of this channel and now show almost 24 hour sportscenter.

We were able to look from a window into the editing bay for the SportCenter studio. It was amazing how everything comes together in this place.

This was in the NFL Live studio that also doubles for Baseball Tonight also. On the left behind us is an area for interviews and a mini football field / Baseball diamond.

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