One of my favorite YouTube Videos : Deserving

The human brain has as its main objective to continue the species – just like every other organism on the planet. One of it’s best defense mechanisms is to allow you to believe the world revolves around you. Children have this for sure when you think everything is just a part of your world – and everyone is lucky to be part of it. A part of that is the idea that what happens to you – both good and bad – is because of something you did; something you deserve. This is not the case! Every morning you wake up and are still alive you should be grateful that you did not end up like the bug that hit your windshield the night before – we are the lucky ones based on blind luck!

This video from John Green really moved me the way he explains this subject – very disarming and mater of fact, he explains why gratitude is something that we should all have more of. Enjoy!