Trip Review #56 South Korea 4/3/2002

om Seoul and I had nothing planned on Saturday. I called the airline and could rearrange my flight to leave on Saturday morning and Friday was going to be a travel day flying to Seoul.
The area Manager understood that it had been a long trip and I wanted to get home and see my family and promised he will ensure I would make my flight on Saturday Morning so I changed my flight.
Busan is right on the coast and has a serious issue with fog (only a few months after my trip a plane crashed into a mountain trying to land at the airport). When we arrived in the morning all flights were cancelled, but we were re-booked on flights in the afternoon. A few hours later, they were all cancelled.
I started to worry I would never get out of the city and miss my flight the next day but Ho Jin our manager looked me in the eye and said he will get me there. He started calling buses / trains / and other transportation options and grabbed me and said follow me. We went outside and got into a cab and we headed to another airport many hours away.

Most of the drive was a packed highway and again I started to worry we would miss the last flight out to Seoul. Ho Jin started talking to the cab driver and he started to drive faster down the breakdown lane. Then he came to the exit off the highway and started driving on the sidewalk around intersections! Still to this day the most scary cab ride ever!

As we pulled up to the terminal airline representatives met us at the curb and ushered us into the airport and the plane. As we walked onto the plane, the door closed and the plane started to the runway! We landed in Seoul and I made my flight for the next morning!

To this day, one of the most amazing quick dashes I have ever had and also one of the best promises I have ever had kept by my dear friend Ho Jin Lee.

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