Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Read this book a few weeks ago and really thought it had some great qualities. The book is about Trevor Noah of the Daily Show growing up in the slums of South Africa. What made the story so interesting is how his mother had framed his life to dot he right thing. The book really is a tribute to her and how she raised him under such dire circumstances.
Below are a few of the best quotes from the book:

This quote is about his dog Fufi and how you can’t make someone love you – great story about how the dog had another during the day and Trevor thought the dog was 2 timing him.

This is a quote from his mother talking about how he nags and hits him because she loves him compared to the police who really do not care about him.

I would highly recommend this book – great read and an eye-opener about how lucky growing up here in the US is compared to others places like the transforming South Africa.

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