The Alchemist

I had heard this book mentioned in other books as a journey into self reliance. As soon as I started reading I fell in love with the story of this young man searching for his destiny and fortune. Below are some of my favorite quotes.

The book really focuses on keeping laser focus on what you want to do in your life.  Also realizing that the fear of failure keeps us from our dreams is an important point people self destruct from.  Anohter


Another good quote that highlights passion transfers between co-workers and friends.  I see this all the time in great leaders and how they can get people on board to form a team that can do amazing things.

This is also a good quote about knowing the futuwistomwistomre – if you know bad things in advance the worrying is worst waiting for it to happen.  I think this also goes to positive thinking and how you need to make your own path and not look beyond the horizon very far.  It is better to have a pleasant surprise…

I like to think I have heard this language before and I have tried hard over the years to learn it myself.  it really does change your mindset and people around you.

Another quote about fear – I feel this emotion really cripples people and stops them from reaching goals.  It is so hard to get beyond the fear to try new things or meet new people.

I would recommend this book to anyone who really wants a good well written story that has many pearls of wisdom included in it.


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