Tacoma Truck Lottery

10 years ago, Back in March of 2008 I hit the Tacoma lottery!
It started with bringing my 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 184,000 miles on it to the shop. The news was not good. I needed the following:
– new rear springs
– new fan belt
– new battery
– new brakes
It was going to cost way above $2000. The guy came out to talk to me and kind of sounded like a vet telling you your dog was about to die. I decided I needed to go get a new car instead of dump money into a car past its prime.

I went to Acton Toyota and as I pulled in the guy said I had hit the “Tacoma lottery”. He explained that Toyota of America was buying back Tacoma’s that were made between 1995-2000 for 1.5 times excellent condition blue book value what ever the condition of the truck. First I thought the guy was crazy but it is true! I signed my truck over to Toyota for $12,510… I would of been lucky to get $500 dollars from a high schooler on a good day for that truck. As you can see from these photo’s, I did not keep the car in great condition.

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