Website security warnings from Chrome and Firefox

Recently a common website I need to log into starting having this warning from Chrome and firefox that stated “This site in not safe”. After i looked into it a bit I realized it was because the site was a login page and not encrypted- meaning it was not an HTTPS site and still a HTTP site.
This warning is quite alarming and first you think the website is hacked or something. My daughter had to to the site recently and said it was trying to steal her secrets. Recently a magazine’s website was getting this warning and complained to Firefox telling it to stop showing the warning. They were surprised to realize it was not a bug but a feature! Here is a good article about it.

This is serious when you realize that as you are logging on to the site your username and password are in “the clear” ~ someone can grab it out of the network traffic and read it because it is not encrypted. Think about it if you were at a coffee shop and someone sitting at the other table with some basic tools can grab your info to login to your site.
Here is a great video showing how to sniff this info using this thing called a pineapple. This guy is great and has a great website called hak5