Talking Heads: The name of the band is Talking Heads CD

I was listening to my Amazon music collection last week and to my surprise I found this old live Talking Heads album was on Amazon Prime Music!
I had heard songs from this before but never listened to it all the way though and I am blown away by it. Enyone who has ever listened to “stop Making Sense” knows the Heads are a great live band but this is before they were household names and you can really get another sense of them as a band.

Check it out.

Tragically Hip in Portland Maine, November 7th, 2012

It was a Wednesday night and the Tragically Hip was playing the State theater in Portland on their US tour. I have seen the Hip in Boston multiple times, Albany once, Montreal once, and this one time in Portland. It was the first snow storm of the year – and the drive up was OK but the drive home was in a blizzard. The snow kept the crowd down- I am say there was less then 250 people there. This is the same band that sells out outdoor stadiums in Canada!

This was an amazing show – to see the band still go on and play like there were 80,000 people there. Also the crowd was really into every song – I am guessing many in the audience were from Canada.

The lead singer, the amazing Gordon Downie, has been diagnoses with a serious illness and it is possible they will never play together again. They went on tour last summer as a chance for Gordo to get one last time out in front.

I am so grateful I got to see them as many times as I have. And especially on that snowy night in Portland..

The Spazmatics


Last month I had a great I was at the 4C environmental conference held in Austin Texas. One night out they had buses take you to the world famous salt lick BBQ and then to a distillery. This was my first time hearing the band “The Spazmatics”. They play 80’s music in this classic Nerd look and feel. Not only where they amazing and funny, they know how to entertain!

The next day I looked them up thinking I would go see them if they traveled up to Boston, to my surprise – the band I saw was part of a multi-city Spazmatic corporation! They have a formula I guess where they get gig’s all over the country and have different people in the band. Who knew Nerd culture mixed with 80’s music was so popular.

DMK – Depeche Mode cover band from Bogotá, Colombia

I have always been a Depeche Mode fan as with all 80’s British music and 4 years ago by chance I found DMK on youtube. They were the most original cover band I have ever heard and the way they do the music is amazing. Not only is the band 2/3 children, they are all using homemade instruments!

I just looked them up today and realize they are still around – the kids are bigger and they are now doing tours! Here is a great acoustic version on Just can’t get enough.

Fantastic! Hope they come to Boston soon!