Old letter I found

Well I found this old letter in my basement that held my baptism records. This was over 50 years ago and I was wondering where we lived as a family back then. So today I decided to look a little harder at it and see what I find.

Letter found

first, the street I was born at is no more – I am quite sure it was renamed to Dleur De Lis Drive in New Orleans. The main reason is it is would make consist with “A” and “B” street.

map between house and church

Also it is about 5 miles from where the church I was baptized. It must of not been that much of a drive (15 minutes on google earth now). Interesting that I have never heard about this church before this.

the church

The church is still there – and it looks very nice from the outside.

latest photo of where house was

The house does not exist anymore – perhaps it was destroyed during Katrina (it is very close to lake Pontchartrain).

2007 image of where the house was right after Katrina

From this image on google maps it looks like the entire area had damage from the storm.

map of Katrina damage

Also it only costs 5 Cents to send a letter back them.

Remembering California while it snows outside

This photo was taken while we drove up from Venice California to Santa Barbara on the PCS (Pacific Coast Highway). Not only am I getting the lingo down, I am all in on the golden state! We had a great vacation starting in Palm Springs and then moving through the Joshua Tree National Forest, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

I think one of the best things I loved about the vacation was the time of the year – terrible weather back here in Worcester and just amazing in southern Cal. Also it was considered way off season and we had very few crowds! I will try to add that destination for every January from now on!

Manchester by the sea Movie Review

The movie really hit me after watching it last night.  The quote I see sometimes on social media is “you can’t tell from the outside what people are suffering inside”.  This was the main point I got from this movie and the pain people carry around with them.  As the character Lee said, “I can’t break it” – it is not as easy to say snap out of a bad mood when you have serious weights in your life you carry.

Your life can be looked at as a existing between 2 goal posts ~ one being the  worst pain you have ever felt in your life and the other being the most happiness.  Some peoples goal posts are very narrow with a low standard deviation of a bell curve and some with high ones.  In this movie they tell a story of someone who has lived though things no one should have to do.  It really made me think deeper about what people’s tolerance to suffering.  Also it was a movie to reflect on how people’s own selfishness gets in the way to see other’s humans pain.

Also the filming style was really low key and added to the feeling of flowing in sorrow with the main character Lee.  I recommend seeing it because it is something to reflect on your own life.


5 Million step goal for 2016 in record books

Last new years eve i put a list together that included a serious step goal for the upcoming year.  I was looking at a real stretch goal that would keep me active the entire year.  The best thing about a step goal when you have a fitbit, is the way you can monitor the number every day/hour/minute.

Review of steps over the years:  2013 (started August 1st,) 2,272,141 (pro-rated to 5,453,138), 2014 – 4,565,228,  2015 – 4,333,751, and 2016 – 5,000,000!

It was a serious goal – I needed an average of 13,700 steps a day to reach.  But with a serious amount of “sticking to it” dedication I reached it.