Goal 2017: Peak Minutes: Completed!

My main goal for 2017 was dealing with Peak minutes of my heart rate. As many studies have shown, exercise is important but not as much as getting your heart going. In 2016, my main goal was based on steps – I achieved my goal of 5,000,000 for the year.

For 2017, my goal was based on a increasing scale of 5 more minutes per week for the month – starting with only 15 peak heart rate minutes for January and ending with 70 peak minutes for December. It was a really hard goal since it is not that easy to get your heart rate to that level.
Stats for the year: 3026 Peak minutes for the year: 5 times over 100 for the week: Weekly Average of 58.6 :

And here is the average for the month.

Resting Heart Rate