Published articles

#1 – “In search of Zero flush seals” – – August 1998
Back in 1998 I was running the packing test lab and I had just pioneered data acquisition on our pump packing stands. When Scott came to me about publish a paper about better understanding pump packing it was a perfect time to show him what I had learned. The paper highlights some of the amazing world of power consumption and packing leakage.

#2 “Utilizing Direct Tension Squirter Indicators in Industrial Applications” – July 2005
Presented at ASME conference about Squirter Washers. Not sure I would call this a publication but added it.

#3 – “What are the best pump packing installation techniques?” -March of 2006
As my first article for the FSA I focused on flush water for packed pumps and how important to keep it above stuffing box pressure.

#4 – “Valve World Magazine Asia on Power Industry Valve Packing Performance Testing” – May 2007
Another weird publishing thing since they asked to take our slides from our presentation at Valve World the year before and make this article.

#5 “What are the key steps to cutting packing for optimum performance?”

#6 “A Cross Functional Team Can Improve Sealing”

#7 Emissions Valve Packing Technology Evolves to Reduce Methane Leaks

#8 The Curse of Knowledge & Valve Packing

#9 “Methane and Pipeline Flanges”

#10 “The Dangers of Hot Bolting”

#11 “Improper Gasketed Joints Can Be Deadly”

#12 “Proper cutting of packing rings”