Ron Frisard’s Stationary Seminar 2017

Thank you for attending my Stationary Sealing seminar. Below you will find links to download the PDF versions of the powerpoints.
Part1-Chesterton Valve Emissions Sealing Seminar
Part2- Chesterton Flange Sealing Seminar
Part3-Chesterton Good Bolting Seminar

Below are a listing of video links I discussed during the seminar.

My linkedin Profile with links to my articles
BU methane leaks in Boston
Chesterton LowE emissions packing installation videos
Torque vs tension
Reducing Emissions from the UN
Refinery Explosion CSB
Chesterton Test Lab
Chesterton’s good vs. bad bolting video
Chesterton’s PTFE creep video
Bolt lubrication